End polarization







Editor, The Commercial: I am Cameron McCaskill, candidate for mayor of the city of Pine Bluff, and I will be running as an independent candidate in the upcoming 2024 election. Voters have asked why my name was not on the ballot for the upcoming primary election. My independent status does not take effect on the ballot until the general election in November 2024. Until the independent candidate registration time opens, voters are urged to be aware that some candidates will remain undiscovered. I am one of the prominent contenders who will be involved in this filing procedure. I am planning to file as an independent candidate because I have witnessed the drastic division in our society due to major party affiliations. We, the people, must continue to fight against division in our country, eliminate the old way of voting, and allow all people the desire to see that change exists. It can only happen when we put the weapons of political destruction down, and focus on the humanity of all people. We have been hoping and consistently trusting God to eliminate all of the disconnections in this country, and this is where it starts. We must take the appropriate steps to ensure that the legacy of our city is developed in the leadership of true change makers, for a better Pine Bluff. I am on the road to making history as an independent candidate, who believes that serving the people of this community is the priority. I recognize that this will shift the trajectory of what the public views as a negatively polarized city and change the view of Pine Bluff to pure beautification, with increased trust among all leadership.