Good to be the queen





Yes, Philip Martin, our governor’s scorn is all too real. Any behaviorist will confirm that it is very difficult to alter our nonverbal communication because it is primarily unconscious. Her sneers, eye-rolling and pouts are physical manifestations of true emotions. In fact, it is wiser to read these nonverbal cues than to listen to her words. Maybe she is smart and at one time was a pleasure to be around. But people do change, and I imagine that she did. I like to think it happened when The Donald dragged her along to Buckingham Palace to a fancy state dinner with the Queen of England. You can just imagine this young woman from Arkansas opening up her eyes wide at all the glitter, pomp, and circumstance. She got the message; it’s good to be queen! Then she went out and found a way to become one right back where she started. MELODIE MARCKS Fayetteville